Monitoring system protects Brazilian rainforests

Enhance Readability Add / Remove Download as PDF With the world’s rainforests in danger, it is unsurprising that innovation has stepped in to try and stall the damage. We have seen numerous campaigns and solutions to the deforestation of these precious areas, for example the creation of a Tinder profile for a monkey, with an aim to raise awareness about biodiversity and conservation efforts. There was also an initiative which provided healthcare discounts to local people who made efforts to preserve the rainforest, thus discouraging lodging and giving people reason to act in an environmentally-friendly way. Rainforest Connection also wants to save our rainforests and recognizes their importance to biodiversity and air quality. They use advanced technology to monitor the rainforest and hence seek to put an end to illegal deforestation.
Amazon Rainforest, Codajás - State of Amazonas, 69450-000, Brazil
Issue: Sustainable Development Goals Typology: Research
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